Pause & Pray Project

Posted on January 14, 2022 in: General News

Have you ever noticed how just getting in your car and driving can totally ruin your day?  You lose patience with other drivers, traffic is bad, people are, well, people!  Need a reminder to breathe and be patient? 

This year, the project of Family Life Ministry of St Mary's is Pause and Pray. It is an effort to help remind you to take a moment while you are in your car, your home or office to remember to breathe and be patient, to settle down angry thoughts, and to give all your stress and worry to God. 

Go to our webpage and check out our video, stories, quotes and other resources. Be sure to get a bulletin on January 22/23 which will have a free hangtag included in it for your car. There are also magnets and other 'reminders' in the Maria Room in church.   This year, take a moment whereever you are, Pause, Pray. let God take care of that moment.

Check out our page Pause & Pray