Family Life Around St. Mary's

Family Life Ministry touches all aspects of family life, from single life, parenting, teens and young adults.

Every Catholic of every age needs useful resources and continuing education in our Catholic faith.

Strong Catholic Families leads us to have Strong Catholic Youth.  Uur parish wants to help you in passing along the Catholic faith. We have resources, parent helps, internet links and booklets to aid you in your parenting!  We provdie books, flyers and other resources in the Maria room, near the entrance to Church. Please feel free to take and use these free resources for your family!

Visit: Strong Catholic Families

and see their Facebook page for videos such as "10 Tips for Parents"   visit:  Strong Catholic Families Facebook

We write and insert a monthly newsletter for parents and families in our Sunday bulletin. Click here to see all Family and Youth newsletters.

Websites and Resources

Catholic WordsA website with colorful flash cards and fun games to help teach catholic vocabulary words at home, in the classroom, or on the go, they have a fun app too.


Catholic Media

St Mary Live Stream Mass



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