Catholic Cemetery


St. Mary Cemetery, established in 1903 by Fr. Eberhard Pruente has served the Catholic Community for over a century. St. Mary Cemetery is a "Catholic cemetery" open to the surrounding communities.  It is also available to non-Catholic family members.  If your local parish does not offer a final resting place, you are welcome to see if St. Mary Cemetery could be of assistance. 


Some of the features St. Mary Cemetery offers include:

  • Reasonable fees
  • A well manicured lawn with perpetual care as part of your purchase  
  • Peaceful surroundings  
  • Use of our beautiful new chapel for burial servies at no added cost  
  • Columbarium for those choosing cremation.

The cemetery association is a non-profit organization.  We accept donations to help maintain the facilities and plan for the future.  Please remember the cemetery in your prayers and bequests.  It is a great tribute to those who have gone before us.

The Columbarium has 24 individual niches on each side for a total of 48 niches or spaces. Pricing for the niches includes an individualized bronze plaque that affixes to the front. 

The Chapel provides a space for indoor service at no further cost to the family.

The Catholic Cemetery is located on Perry Avenue in Cape Girardeau, MO.

For purchase of cemetery space, please contact:

Robert Stricker

For maintenance and care contact:

Joe Kirchdoerfer