Pause & Pray 2022

Pause & Pray is way to counteract the feelings of impatience, anger and busyness many of us are experiencing in our lives at this time. It's a reminder that we need to settle ourselves down and take time to listen to the God who wants to be a part of our lives. A God who wants us to let Him take care of things, our worries, stresses, families and everything that distracts us from His peace.  He truly wants us to be peaceful and happy but we have to stop first and breath it in.  So, begin the journey to Pause in your day, and say a short prayer and let God lead you!


  Pause & Pray Begins

Pause & Pray in Your Day!

It began with a sign from God

Tangible Signs    

Patience Quotes

Tangible Sign resources:  feel free to download these free resources, print them out for your use.  There are also flyers, and free items such as hangtags and magnets in the Maria Room off the entrance to church for your use as supplies last.

Pause Pray sign


Other Pause & Pray Online information

St. Mary Facebook Page

Pause & Pray Franciscan media website has meditations on helping you Pause and Pray during your day. There are good prayers, meditations and more.

The Simplicity of Faith

Pope Francis has been an example of simplicity in his papacy. In the following links you'll find talks he gave to priests and seminarians in 2016. He encourages all of us about the effects of performing mercy in our lives and how much it can increase our own faith life and help us realize how very much God loves every person on this planet. Along the Path of Simplicity       Pope Francis: The Tangibility and simplicity of the small

Pausing and Praying as an Action


contact Lisa Simmons Family Life Ministry for more info


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