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Posted on April 02, 2020 in: General News

This powerpoint lesson is an excellent way to 'see' the Gospel for this coming weekend Palm Sunday readings. The link for the power point is within the April Lesson plan for Palm Sunday.

Christ's Passion in Sacred Art



How is your family being Church?

The doors to the parish buildings may be closed, but the Church is alive and well in our diocese! We would like to invite you to share with us how your family is being the 'Domestic Church'. Send us a short video clip (no more than 60 seconds) of your family praying together, reading Bible stories, your family attending Mass online, engaging in Holy week or Easter season activities at home, or any acts of mercy or service you are doing from home to help others during this time. Be creative, prayerful, and have fun. Some video clips will be shared on our diocesan Facebook page and/or website. We will have the opportunity to meet families from all across the diocese, actively being the Church at home.

Instructions for making your video:

Use a cellphone or tablet to film.

Start by introducing your family, the name of your Parish and the city your parish is in. 

Then begin filming your time of prayer or other activity. 

Be sure to make your video in a well lit area. 

Also be certain to film in a quiet area without a lot of extra background noise and speak loud enough for others to hear.

Keep it short. Please limit filming to no more than 1 minute. (Your family prayer time/activity may go longer, but please only submit an edited/shortened video to share.)

Send the video clip to

Please be aware that by submitting a video, you are giving permission to use that video on the Facebook page operated by the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau and/or the diocesan web page.

Video clips will be accepted April 1 through April 30. We look forwar!d to sharing them with others across the diocese.

If you have questions, please contact Lynn Melendez - lmelendez@dioscg,org (417)866-0841 ext. 1135.