Youth and Family Life Around St. Mary's

Family Life Ministry

Family Life Ministry touches all aspects of family life, from single life, parenting, teens and young adults.  No matter what your vocation is in life you touch the heart and souls of others around you.  We need each person in our community to help us raise the next generation of faith-filled Christians.

Every Catholic of every age needs useful resources and continuing education in our Catholic faith.

Strong Catholic Families leads us to have Strong Catholic Youth.  Our parish wants to help you in passing along the Catholic faith. We have resources, parent helps, internet links and booklets to aid you in your parenting!  We provide books, flyers and other resources in the Maria room, near the entrance to Church. Please feel free to take and use these free resources for your family


Lisa Simmons

Catholic Marriage

enjoy this e-book compliments of the Catholic Marriage a division of Agape Catholic Ministries.

Family Faith Newsletters-  Parenting in the Catholic Faith!


Talking It Out/ Saints with a Little 's'

Sowing Faith Seeds/Does your family do faith gardening?

Bully Wars/Sacred Heart of Jesus

Talk to your kids/ Reviewing the Rosary

Precepts of the Church and you!

Parents as Praying Partners/ R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

10 Commandments; Good vs Evil; Guardian Angels

Affirming Our Faith By Praising Our Kids; Blessed Sacrament

Family and Catechumenate;  Wedding Bells

Mother's Day; Reconciliation as a Family; Self Control



Parenting Resource Websites:

  USCCB on Family & Parenting

Building Catholic Character in your kids



This year Confirmation will be held on Saturday, July 18, 2020 at the 6:00 PM Mass.   Bishop Edward Rice will be confirming 7th & 8th graders in St. Mary's parish this year.

Confirmation forms are available here:

Candidate Checklist

Sponsor Affirmation Form

Letter requesting Baptism Certificate

Works of Mercy


 Natural Family Planning go to