Youth and Family Life Around St. Mary's

Family Life Ministry

Family Life Ministry touches all aspects of family life, from single life, parenting, teens and young adults.  No matter what your vocation is in life you touch the heart and souls of others around you.  We need each person in our community to help us raise the next generation of faith-filled Christians.


Catholic Marriage


enjoy this e-book compliments of the Catholic Marriage a division of Agape Catholic Ministries.


Miscarriage and Stillborn Births



Family and Catechumenate;  Wedding Bells


Mother's Day; Reconciliation as a Family; Self Control



Parenting Resource Websites:

  USCCB on Family & Parenting

Building Catholic Character in your kids

Preventing Suicide- Confirming Life in your Children


CONFIRMATION - Middle School  (7 grade up to high school)

March 12, 2022 Retreat and Confirmation Mass  begins at 11:30 AM for Candidate and Sponsor.  Mass is at 6:00 PM


 Natural Family Planning go to