Youth and Family Life Around St. Mary's

Family Life Ministry

Family Life Ministry touches all aspects of family life, from single life, parenting, teens and young adults. 

Every Catholic of every age needs useful resources and continuing education in our Catholic faith.

Strong Catholic Families leads us to have Strong Catholic Youth.  Uur parish wants to help you in passing along the Catholic faith. We have resources, parent helps, internet links and booklets to aid you in your parenting!  We provdie books, flyers and other resources in the Maria room, near the entrance to Church. Please feel free to take and use these free resources for your family!

We write and insert a monthly newsletter for parents and families in our Sunday bulletin.  If you need another copy, download it from the link below.


Lisa Simmons


Adopt-A-Prayer-Family Program

This fall our parish is continuing the “Adopt-A-Prayer-Family program we began last fall, and we’d like to invite you to become a part of it. All you have to do is pray!

Just as we pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life, we need to pray for families and children. As we celebrate the World Meeting of Families 2016 this fall,  we’d like to invite you to pray for a specific family in our parish.

If you are interested in praying for a family with school-aged children, please EMAIL LISA .  We will send you the name of a family who attends St. Mary Cathedral Parish and has children in St. Mary’s school, public school or homeschool in  grades Kindergarten—through high school.

The list of those who have already signed up.



Straight Talk Newsletter & Catholic Kids Rock! Newsletter

For young teens 13-20 in our parish we mail out our Youth  "Straight Talk" Newsletter bi-monthly.

And for those 5-12 we have Catholic Kids Rock!


CONFIRMATION - High School Freshmen/Sophomores

This year Confirmation will be held on Saturday, April , 2017 at the 5:30 PM Mass. 

Confirmation forms are available here:



Baptismal Lettter sample

Service Hours Sheet

Confirmation Name

Sponsor Affirmation Sheet


Natural Family Planning


Jessica Barinque