Confirmation Service

Posted on April 06, 2018 in: General News

Ever wonder what our High School Students do when they are performing Service Hours for Confirmation?  Here is a list!   Service Hours help us recognized how important our place is in our parish community and how much we are needed in our parish community!  There was a variety of service things the High School Confirmation class did over the past several months before being Confirmed.  Each student had to complete 9 hours of service, three of which were with their sponsor.  This year over 297 hours were completed by the Confirmation Class!


Sang at nursing homes                                                                                 

Bagged goods and food at Pantry

Tutored another student in math                                                                                                            

helped children at Vacation Bible School

did Babysitting                                                                                                         

Put up and took down decorations

Set up the craft fair                                                                                

delivered Christmas gifts to families

Packed Thanksgiving meals                                                                        

Visited Lutheran Home

Set up Christmas present distribution                                                    

Went along on Communion Calls

Collected food and clothing for food pantry                                        

cleaned out grandparent’s home

Buildt a table for Brother David                                                            

Gift Bearer at church

Helped with parish picnic                                                                               

dog sat

Cleaned windows                                                                                          

Altar Server for Mass

Took down flags on Veterans day                                                         

set for dinner in gym

Helped with food collection Illini Fighting Hunger                             

Youth workshop STEM teaching leaders

Mowed yards                                                                                                   

cat sat

Helped neighbors trap pests                                                                      

played organ for Masses

Played games with residents at nursing home                                   

cleaned up parish grounds

Unload truck with robot team                                                                   

served for Bishop at Mass

Yard clean up                                                                                                    

cut down trees

Helped at craft fair                                                                                         

Toys for Tots collection

Stuff envelopes for euchre tournament                                                               

worked registration booth

Cleaned art room                                                                                            

did pet therapy

Assisted clients at Columbus care center                                                              

greeter at Mass

Worked at parish picnic                                                                                

cleaned out family basement

Cleaned a cemetery                                                                                      

cleaned up neighbor’s driveway

Moved neighbor’s furniture                                                                      

worked ND open house

Concession work                                                                                             

organized and took items to Salvation Army

Did music at VBS                                                                                              

worked Glenn House Pumpkin Palooza Outreach

Trained my sister to serve Mass                                                                               

raked leaves at grandparent’s house

Visited patients at Monticello House                                                      

cleaned out grandfather’s house

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